Biological Properties

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Following values are from SF tblSpecimenCategories. In SFS, each SF could have its own specimen categories. The following list is a result of "select distinct."

  • Since SF stores a singular and plural name, I (mb) thought it might be useful to preserve this information.
  • tblSpecimenCategories also has a SeqNum column that I'm not sure is useful in our context.
  • The Definition and Standard columns may be added using the Egg Mass, Egg Masses, Example, Example model.
  • Final note: Several of the specimen categories in the SFS table use different up/low cases. I'm not sure why.

SingularName PluralName Definition Standard
Egg Mass Egg Masses Example Example
Exuvium Exuviae
Female Females
fossil fossils
immature immatures
individual individuals
male males
Nymph Nymphs
Unknown Unknown
Unsexed adult Unsexed adults
unspecified unspecified