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In progress - the intent is to provide verbiage to grant seekers who wish to collaborate with us.

Verbiage for collaborators writing grants

  • TaxonWorks, a community developed open source platform for biodiversity informatics
    • Why TaxonWorks
      • stable endowment supported
      • Unified workbench (specimens, character matrices, keys, publication ready output) concept: Species File, MX, 3i
      • Software group of Illinois Natural History Survey, University of Illinois
  • Built in a collaborative Ruby codebase
  • 6 full time staff for development, debugging, hardware maintenance
  • Meets current data standards (DwC, TDWG…)
  • Internet based
  • Global data sharing: CoL, GBIF (DwC-A), ITIS, EoL
  • Provide MX for short-term use
  • Migrate to TaxonWorks in 2015