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Adding an issue

Note that sandbox sends an email to developers when you hit the error page, in general these do not need to be logged.

Before you add an issue please read the guidelines below. By far the preferred mechanism is to open an issue at |on our github repository. You'll need a github account.

New issue guidelines

  1. Check to see that the issue is new by carefuly reviewing the existing issues.
  2. Provide a clear concise title for your issue.
  3. Tell a story! Give us enough background so that we can replicate exactly what you did. See some examples below.

Example bug

when I click on the hub
    and then I click on the data link
      when I then click on OTUs
         then I can't see my recently created OTUs under the recent header

Example improvement

 when I show an OTU
   then the Go, See, and Do sections
      should be identified with a subtle background color

 I'd like to be able to search collecting events using Roman numeral months! For example:

   when I use the collecting event autocomplete selector
      and I type '1.ii.1920'
        then I should get a list of all collecting events from February 1st, 1920

Want a new interface?

Draw something up on paper, illustrator, your favourite wireframe modeller and send it to us. Include a story that details the steps you would take to use this interface, and the expected outcomes.

Have some bigger ideas?

Write up a use case or user story here on the wiki, copy paste the template.