Hackathon 2013

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The first, hopefully annual, Species File Group Hackathon will be held September 29th-October 4th. This Hackathon will kickstart the SFG's new initiative "TaxonWorks". Find out more on the homepage..


Active pitches



  • Lisa Walley
  • Dima Mozzherin
  • Daisie Huang
  • Gaurav Vaidya
  • Andrea Thomer
  • Julie Allen
  • Phil Anders

Species File Team

  • Ed DeWalt
  • Jim Tucker
  • Beth Frank
  • David Eades
  • Rich Flood
  • Mike Maehr
  • Dmitry Dmitriev
  • Matt Yoder
  • Hernán Pereira
  • Marilyn Beckman


From hangout chat: