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=== Milestone 2 ===
=== Milestone 2 ===
* ''Live sandbox builds for workbench'' - '''Target of Mar. 30'''  
* <strike>''Live sandbox builds for workbench'' - '''Target of Mar. 30''' </strike>
** Simple "Project" and "Basic" functionality
** <strike>Simple "Project" and "Basic" functionality </strike>
=== Milestone 3 ===
=== Milestone 3 ===

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This is a very general roadmap that emphasizes major milestone goals for potential users or developers who are interested in the project. It does not reflect the full extent of the development, and it will change. It also does not reflect target import of already identified data-sets. As questions are asked on specifics we'll extend this map to identify where they fall as best we can estimate.



Their are two major development themes for this year: 1) adding data to the system, and 2) improving our semantics. We want to handle data more efficiently, and when we add/import data we want to understand what that data means.

A rough legend on functionality for this year.

  • Project - User/project related
  • Basic - Nomenclature, Taxa (OTUs), Specimens
  • Annotation - Notes, Tags, Data Attributes etc.
  • Matrix - Matrix capabilities, bifurcating keys, generated descriptions
  • Media - Images, PDFs, Sounds, anything that is a file (these may be incrementally added, starting first with PDFs, then images)

Milestone 1

  • Unify development on Postgres and OS X laptops - Target of Jan. 21 (Met Jan. 17)

Milestone 2

  • Live sandbox builds for workbench - Target of Mar. 30
    • Simple "Project" and "Basic" functionality

Milestone 3

  • Workbench production build - Target of July 30
    • Production version of sandbox builds in Milestone 2

Milestone 4

  • Simple "public" interfaces for production data - Target is Dec. 1st
    • Simple navigation through nomenclature, and taxon pages
  • Production matrix, media and annotation functionality
  • Sandbox Matrix, Annotation and Media functionality (moved from Milestone 3)


The themes for this year are 1) getting data out of the system (APIs, exports, etc.), and 2) integration with other biodiversity resources. In addition a major focus will be migrating existing projects into TaxonWorks (i.e. from mx, SpeciesFiles, and 3i).


With a system relatively well in place our development themes are to facilitate analysis and scientific publications.