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The intent is to provide some broad concepts/stories that will lead to further discussion. Extensions/comments etc. are welcome.


Manage specimens metadata from field to collection, simply =

Handle a simple workflow that starts with some generic information about a field site, then moves to labeling collected specimens with this data, then moves this data to an IPT instance/GBIF. Do this with a minimum of steps.

Complete A Taxonomic Revision

Taxonomic revisions tie everything that is known about an organism together in a current snapshot. Specimens, descriptions, nomenclatural histories, images/figures, measurements and more must be integrated within a framework that guides or directs as user to the steps that need to be completed.

Flow DwC archives

In the absence of a GUI import multiple DwCAs, do some manipulations on them, and spit out a filtered set. Do this in the context of the underlying TW models wherever possible.

Build a nomenclatural catalog in accordance to international standards

Standardize names against the rules of nomenclature. Provide warnings or enforce the governing rules where possible.

Build an interface to semantically describe taxa

Use anatomy and related ontologies to describe taxa semantically. Tie data to specimens, not species.

Manage my taxonomic metadata in a simple GUI, but expose it also via jSON services

See requirements for "Complete a Taxonomic Revision". Add an API to this.

Manage molecular vouchers

Specifically target the specimen->extract->reporting stages involved in a molecular study.

Build a set of identification guides to the taxa of my region

Using simple bifurcating or multi-entry keys and some distribution data provide a clean/simple interface to identifying taxa.

Compare my nomenclatural hierarchy to a phylogenetic or alternative nomenclatural hierarchy

Data cleanup/clarification is all about reconciling graphs, make this generic, and facilitate transforming the computed results into new projects.

Build simple set of text-based taxon pages

Allow a user to create their own topics on a per taxon basis, edit these topics, and publish the results as HTML or jSON to be plugged into some other software.